Shareholder disputes can be inevitable. Companies need to understand how to most effectively diffuse these disputes when they happen and what constructive steps they can take to avoid intensifying the disagreement. Below are practical steps that can mitigate the consequences …

Neighbor disputes come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes disputes arise between residential and commercial property owners—like when residents have concerns about nearby development activity. While litigation between neighbors is sometimes necessary, informal resolution is preferable, even for a complex real estate dispute. Informal resolution was possible for residents of the Friendswood Estates and Forest of Friendswood neighborhoods. The two communities had become concerned about future flooding when Westover LP announced its planned mixed-used development in the Clear Creek floodway in early 2018. One-third of the homes in Friendswood flooded during Hurricane Harvey in August 2017.

Entering into business partnership can be a very exciting prospect. However, partners might experience a dispute that cannot be easily resolved. When faced with a partnership dispute, it’s important to understand what is and is not expected of you.