Our attorneys understand your business, finances, and economics as well as the law affecting these matters. Our two named partners have more than 50 years of experience in complex commercial litigation.
Our partners have extensive experience in litigation matters involving the oil and gas industry. Our attorneys have represented international oil and gas companies and landowners in all types of energy-related disputes.
Robert R. Burford and Brent Perry are seasoned trial lawyers who have successfully defended and prosecuted class actions, derivative lawsuits, securities fraud, and related matters.
Employment contracts frequently involve confidentiality agreements and non-compete agreements. We have extensive experience enforcing and defending against employment contracts, as well as handling other types of employment law issues.
Anytime a person is injured by the negligence or recklessness of another, they deserve to seek compensation. Likewise, when a company is sued for an incident that’s not its fault, it deserves a vigorous defense. With experience on both sides of personal injury cases, our lawyers are uniquely qualified to pursue or defend personal injury claims.
In recent years, healthcare has become the largest source of jobs in the country. Healthcare is also one of the country’s most heavily regulated industries. Healthcare providers—both entities and physicians—face complex legal issues spanning a wide range of practice areas that require legal counsel with experience representing healthcare providers.