Sporting events are big business for teams and their hometowns. This is the case for Tucson, Arizona, which is not only the home to the Arizona Bowl, but also the center of a lawsuit between the Arizona Bowl owners and the Arizona Sports and Entertainment Commission (ASEC).

In 2016, the Arizona Bowl entered into a contract with ASEC. ASEC alleges the Arizona Bowl agreed to allow it to “substantially run, operate, consult upon and manage” the Arizona Bowl and its ancillary events from 2016 through the end of 2018. The Arizona Bowl would then have the opportunity to renew the contract or pay a $100,000 buyout.

When the Arizona Bowl refused to renew or pay the buyout, ASEC sued for breach of contract. The Arizona Bowl alleges that it does not owe ASEC because ASEC failed to perform its promised duties. While it’s unclear how this lawsuit will resolve, it serves an important reminder for all businesses. Breach of contract issues can have financial consequences that reverberate throughout every level of a business. This is the case for Tucson, where the community looks forward to the annual revenue and nonprofit donations generated by the bowl.

Resolving Breach of Contract Issues

Resolving breach of contract issues does not always require a lengthy court battle. Sometimes the best course of action is to come to an agreement at the negotiating table. Because breach of contract issues can have serious financial consequences for businesses, it’s important that these matters be handled by individuals who can see the whole picture.

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